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A Class Doors

A Class Doors are high quality produced doors by MML Marine that are produced in the naval, ship and oil rig sectors. They specialise in many A60 doors which range from A60 Heavy Duty Fire Door to a A60 internal door which is specified as a marine door. The construction involves fire resistant material they use high quality and long lasting material. We have worked with many ship companies over the past couple of years which trust us and know us for our unique high quality produced doors that are specially made to the clients wishes.

Door Types: 

A60 Class Heavy Duty Fire Door
A60 Offshore Escape Hatch
A60 Class Door
A0 A15 Class Internal Door
A60 Semi Watertight Door
A60 Class Double Door
A0 A60 Class Sliding Door
A60 Class Internal Door

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A60 Class Heavy Duty Fire Door

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