H120 Blast Door

  • Door blade manufactured from 2mm stainless steel door skins filled with superwool insulation.
  • Z section frame formed with 4mm stainless steel.
  • Door and frame fitted with 5 heavy duty lift-off hinges with grease nipple
  • Live leaf fitted with 3 points latching stainless steel system on inside face
  • External face fitted st/st lever handle.
  • Door complete with LCN heavy duty door closer.
  • Door frame fitted with weather seal and runner fitted front and back of the door.
  • 1.0 bar pressure.

Difference between A- and H-fire ratings

A-fire rated doors and walls are tested with a normal ISO standard fire temperature curve. H-fire rated items are tested with a Hydrocarbon fire curve. The exact difference is the temperature during the testing procedure, H-fire rated doors and walls are tested at higher temperatures in a longer time period.

The fire doors and fire walls shall maintain its function with respect to fire resistance and structural integrity when exposed to a heat load characteristic for cellulosic (A-fire rating) or hydrocarbon (H-fire rating) fire.

H120 Blast Door


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