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HL8952 / 25 WP (Trioving)

HL8952 / 25 WP (Trioving)

Electromechanical padlock, Cliq, FG-approved Class 2, weatherproof

FG-approved padlock class 2, with denomination WP (Weatherproof)

Used where great demands to withstand extreme environmental stresses over time

Meets IP57 requirements (padlocks can withstand being submerged in water up to 1 meter without water penetration, and protected against the ingress of dust and dirt)

Highly corrosion resistant, used for locking of boats, boathouses etc.

Padlock works perfectly with TrioVing electromechanical system CLIQ or CLIQ Remote, for increased security

Lock has a lid over keyhole locked with a 90 degree rotation

Hoop hardened steel with a diameter of 8 mm

Supplied with 25 or 50 mm hoop opening

Keys for CLIQ systems must be ordered separately

HL8952 / 25 WP (Trioving)